Featured Product: Legacy Wall Hanger

Posted by Katie Dupee on

Our current Featured Product is the Legacy Collection Wall Hanger. It is an expandable wall hanger sold in 28-48" and 48-88" lengths with a pineapple finial.

Benefits of the Legacy Wall Hanger:

- Features a 1/2" diameter tubular rod that slides into a 5/8" diameter tubular rod. 

- Each set is sold with patented clips that feature a rotating disc to hold the rug between it and a padded cushion.

Because the clips are removable, the wall hanger can even work with tapestries or rugs with a pre-sewn sleeve.

- The two sizes offered (28-44" and 48-88") work with a wide variety of tapestry or rug lengths.

View more info and purchase the Legacy Wall Hanger here:




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