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Patents and Trademark Registrations


The Zoroufy® brand and Zoroufy® (Logo) are registered trademarks of the United States, Great Britain, Europe and Canada.

Stair Rod Collections

            Inspiration® Collection

            Select® Collection

            Heritage® Collection

            Sovereign® Collection 

                       US Patent #7461431B2

            Dynasty® Collection

                       US Patent #5,960,516

            Grand Dynasty® Collection

                       US Patent #5,960,516

            Stair Jewel® Collection

Stair Hold® Collection

Wall Hanger Collections

            Classic™ Collection

                       US Patent #5,318,174

            Regency™ Collection

                       US Patent #5,318,174

            Grand Regency™ Collection

                       US Patent #5,318,174

            Legacy® Collection

                       US Patent #5,318,174